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1 year ago
1. section: this is with shortcode { XURL_ICONS }. If installed social plugin, you can set it on admin area.
2. section: this is in the theme.php. You can update it. code:
<div class='social-connected'>
          <div class='social_facebook'>
            {XURL_ICONS: type=facebook} 
            <span class='xurl-text'>".LAN_THEME_200."</span>
          <div class='social_twitter'>
            {XURL_ICONS: type=twitter}
            <span class='xurl-text'>".LAN_THEME_201."</span>
          <div class='google-plus'>
            {XURL_ICONS: type=google-plus}
            <span class='xurl-text'>".LAN_THEME_202."</span>
8 months ago
2018. Aug 11. Sat, 01:46infernoprime
Just had a few questions popup. Does this theme work with mobile phones too ?.

1.I am asking because the logo I made which is the default size of the header image shows up very large so you cannot see the entire image.

Can this be fixed to show entire page for mobile or smart phones ?.

2.I know you said I would need a complete rewrite of the theme but I just wanted to make sure as I had another idea. Can an options be made to send it to the {BOOTSTRAP_GRID_NEWS_FEATURES_TOP} area or can nothing at all be done with it ?.

Again thanks for all your help & not flaming at me..
8 months ago
1. For LOGO: It is necessary to define the image size in the style.css.
2. Sorry I don't understand wath you want with the top News.
8 months ago
The theme work in this way:
When You post the News - they appears in the category and the top (latest News).

The theme need rewrite if You want News only in the category or top.
Need delete the top News (latest News and need put in this area featurebox (in featurebox you can put what you want)

I wanted to know if it mite be possible to do it this way. I just want to know if it could be made where I can assign news to it like a menu how you assign one to an area.

Do you understand ?.
7 months ago
Need play with shortcodes.
Put it int the theme.php where you want, test it, see it.
7 months ago
I have decided to use the feature box thanks for that idea.

I would like to ask how I could replace the latest 4 top news stories with the feature box across that area.

I have no idea where to start so thanks in advanced.
6 months ago
In addition to my last post you would not happen to know how I could make the news grid look like these 4 news posts on this pic would you ?.

6 months ago
2018. Oct 10. Wed, 19:07fizi
Change top News to Featurebox
on line 289 in theme.php:

but you need rewrite the style.

For the 4 News
You can change the layout for the News on the admin area.
5 months ago
Not to change the subject but do you know of a slider I can use with the news and I just mean this on a seperate note.
5 months ago
e107 has the News slider. You can set it on the admin area.
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