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1 year ago
Hi first of all thanks for this great Free Design.
But there are problems it would be nice if the steps would be explained how to embed the video in the header with me it comes to error if I install the video via Featurebox Then missing the calender_menu plugin and a hits plugin (Suggested Plugins) where can I do this Find. The theme settings are all LAN_BS_GAMING_03_THEMEPREF
: please thank you for help
11 months ago
2018. May 02. Wed, 15:25fizi
Hits: -link-
Calendar: -link-
Video link (youtube) need insert in theme pref on theme admin area, not in featurebox.Or you can upload the video to the folder and linked it on the theme admin area.
The theme LAN in the languages folder in theme's folder. You can translate it from admin (languages) or you can make the your language file manually.
10 months ago
I have a problem? i am using BS 3 the side bar drops to the bottom of the page, when i am in the arcade play game page
10 months ago
I see your page and looks like good for me.
10 months ago
I love this theme, where do i edit to open link in same window or parent window, right now they on in new window when you clcik on a picture in the Feature box.
10 months ago
Admin -> Preferences -> Text rendering -> Links in new window?
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