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BS Magazine 02

7 months ago
I'm using BS Magazine 02 theme. The only issue I have is that I cannot get the news items to fill the form correctly. They are below each other, while I would expect that they would fill from the left upper corner. The items now use the sm 6 columns. You can see that easily on -link- where the release notes are listed. That looks weird. I tried to play with the different news category options and the news options as well. But the result remains the same. I couldn't find any docs so I hope you can give some advice. I'm sure that I am doing something wrong, but simply can't figure out what.
7 months ago
Do you want it so?


The items now use the sm 6 columns


Then change:

... class="col-sm-6">


... class="col-sm-12">

The template based on Bootstrap. you find the documentation here.
7 months ago
Yes, I know that, but the basic theme preview uses two columns of sm-6. But I can't get the second column visual. I would like to have that.
7 months ago
2019. Jan 19. Sat, 13:33Gamer Templates
Ahhh now i see what you mean:

Preview Magazine 02

But in the demo screen there are 6 news. In your demo there are 3 news. Maybe that's the problem?
7 months ago
Could be, but I don't think so. I would expect that these news items have different 'classes' or that the two large ones are the two most recent. But I'm not sure, that's why I ask winky Perhaps I have to add something to get the second column filled.
6 months ago
2019. Jan 20. Sun, 08:54Gamer Templates
I think it's because.

Open -> S_Magazine_02 -> templates -> news -> news_grid_template.php

then you will see the structure.

For testing create 2 features news and 4 normal news in the same category.
6 months ago
Thank you I will. Looks like an opening, will let you know.
6 months ago
See the news_grid_template.php. All categories commented (ID and name of category).
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