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[BS Gaming 01] How to display user rank images in forum posts

6 months ago

I am using the BS Gaming 01 theme, which I think is an excellent theme so thank you for it.

I am having trouble getting the user rank images to show up in the poster info box on the forum view topic screen. This seems to be related to bootstrap, but I can't seem to find a way to over ride this. Any bootstrap theme simply ignores my uploaded rank images and uses some css image witha white text on colored background followed by a black fontawesome star.

On older themes that are not bootstrap, the user rank image shows up fine, which is why I believe this is being caused by bootstrap, yet I can't seem to find how/were to edit things to stop this behavior. I don't want the bootstrap rank image, I want the one I uploaded.

The rank image displays in the user profile but not on the forum posts. I would attach screenshots to show what I am talking about, but that doesn't seem to work well here? I did ask the question also in e107help, and that topic has screenshots. Just click on that link to see them I guess.

Anyway, looking for help with this. Thanks.

6 months ago
This is not in the theme. You can set it on the admin area - > User Ranks.
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